K-12 Virtual Academy

While I am not a fan and have not tried it personally, I have heard some that like it and many that do not.  Some depends on the teacher you are assigned.  I have heard it is a lot of work.  There is some flexibility with some, where you can supplement or substitute for your curriculum.  Keep in mind that when using K-12, they require the standardized tests to be taken each year that TN students take (TCAPS).  So, if you use your own curriculum, they may or may not be ready for those tests.  The public school can require remedial action for children that test below grade level (all according to their standards).
The biggest reason I am not a fan of TNVA is it IS PUBLIC SCHOOL!  My husband and I have personally chosen to homeschool our children and we feel it is our God given responsibility and right to do so.  By signing up with K-12, we give many of our education decisions to public school.  We are not willing to do that.  That being said, if you do not have a problem with giving this authority to the public school, it may work for you.  Also, keep in mind, under TNVA, you will NOT be able to sign up with HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense) since you are NOT officially a homeschooler.  Your children would be considered public school children.


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