Help selling your books

I will be happy to sit with you for up to 2 hours for a consultation fee of $20.  In this time I will show you how to price your books, where you can list them for free, and, if desired, how to use Ebay to sell your books.  I will show you how to open a paypal account, if you do not already have one,  and how to print labels from home and even mail your packages from home.  I will also offer tips on how to find good deals for purchasing books, if time allows.  It will be $10 for each additional hour of time needed.  If you wish to spend the time entering your books for sale together, that is also fine.  I will also weigh all of your books for you if you do not own a scale, so when you sell them, you will know their weight.  You will need to bring all of your books with you or provide me with a list in an email with all the details included.

Want to try it on your own?  Here are some tips on pricing your books.

Pricing Suggestions
The seller is responsible for determining the price of the material. You know what you paid for your resources and what you would like to get for them.  Ultimately, the pricing decision is yours.

Bought new and current edition in good condition: 33% – 50% off original price

Bought new and never used: 25% – 33% off original price

Bought used: 33% – 50% off used price

Earlier editions that are still usable and in good condition: 67% – 75 % off original price

NOTE: Usually “New Edition” means the publisher has changed the cover or the arrangement of the material. Most of the time, the content of newer editions has changed slightly from previous editions or remains the same entirely. Most older editions are still excellent purchases. You can get good bargains by looking for older editions.

SUGGESTION for future reference: Using a pencil, indicate the price paid for each book in the front inside cover.


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