Crossville HEARTS Co-op begins August 17th

The schedule for this fall will be out soon.  The schedule below was last semester’s schedule to serve as a sample of some classes we may offer again and have offered in the past.  For more information please email Carol or Starla at and enter “Carol or Starla – in the subject line.  We need more K-3rd teachers if you are able to teach!

 Please see Crossville HEARTS website for more information –


Winter Semester Tentative Class Schedule:

 January 20th -First Day of Classes (the 13th was a snow day)
January  27th- Classes
February 3rd – Classes
February 10th Classes
February 17th – Classes
February 24th -Classes
March 2nd – Classes
March 9th- Classes
March 16th Field Trip or Snow Make Up Day
March 23rd – Classes
March 30th -Classes
Tentative Performance Night: Monday, April 2nd

1ST PERIOD             
  8:45-9:30 Human Video Carol Erickson 3rd-6th    Stephanie Loomis  
  8:45-9:30  Fun w/Snacks Marina Owens 2 yrs- 1st   8FULL  Emily Hale  
  8:45-9:30 Junior Science Club McKinsey Shupe 2nd-4th  12FULL     Samantha Hendrix  
  8:45-9:30 Glide into Spanish Jennifer Olsen k-4th 15 Kim Bade, Regina Villaruz
  8:45-9:30 Book Club for Youth Jennifer Armes 6th-12th min. 5
supply cost of book 
  Elisa Hensley  
  8:45-9:30 Basic Circuits   Tammy Matthews 5th-12th limit 10 Anita Krismantis  
   2nd PERIOD            
  9:30-10:00 P.E. Games Molly Cornwell K- 3rd  13 FULL Stacie Dillard  
   9:30-10:00   Bible Black-Belts-Scripture with a Kick  Carol Erickson  k-3rd  12full  needed  
  9:30-10:30 Preschool Learning Brandy Masters 2yrs-K 8        Tammy Matthews/
Brittany Masters
  10 to 10:30 Health & Hygiene Samantha Hendrix K- 2nd FULL10 McKinsey Shupe  
  9:30-10:15 Beginning Guitar Emily Hale 3rd to 8th   needed  
  9:30-10:15 Art Trading Cards Club Anita Krismantis 3rd to 8th min.6 limit 25 Jennifer Olsen  
  9:30-10:15 Computer Repair Rachel Brown 7th-12th FULL     Gina Loomis   
   9:30-10:15  Apologia Astronomy  Starla Hale  5th-12th 15   Rebecca Wilson  
  3rd PERIOD            
  10:15-10:45   Homeschooling Discussions   Jennifer Olsen   parents      
  10:30- 11:00 Music Time Cindy Alley 2 yrs- 3rd FULL   Emily Rose Thompson, Cori Dodson  
   10:30-11:00   Sign Language   Anita Krismantis   K- 3rd   min. 5 limit 12   Kaleen Puzinas  
  10:15-11:00 Braiding Emily Hale 3rd-8th   Brittany Masters,Stacie Dillard  
  10:15-11:00 Beginning Woodworking/Craftmanship Willie Hale 3rd-8th FULL      Starla Hale  
  10:15-11:00  Cooking Marina Owens 3rd- 8th    Renee Dillon  
  10:15-11:00 Geneology Elisa Hensley 5th-12th   min.5 limit 10 Carolyn Parks  
  10:15-11:00 Personal Finance-FOR CREDIT Gina Loomis 8th-12th   Brandy Masters  
  LUNCH is from 11 a.m. to 11:45          
   4th PERIOD            
    11:45 to 12:30   P.E. for credit   Annie Dagle   7th-12th     Molly Cornwell  
  11:45 to 12:30 Sing,Spell,Read, Write Joyce Davis 2yrs-4yrs min. 4 limit 10 Tammy Matthews  
  11:45 to 12:30 Sing,Spell,Read, Write Cheri Flanders Pre K-1st     Eden Flanders  
  11:45 to 12:30FULL Archeaology-Can You Dig It? Ralph Hofknecht FULL FULL 8        
  11:45 to 12:30 American Heritage/biweekly Elisa Hensley 3rd-12th 12      $8 supply cost  
   11:45 to 12:30  God’s Girls w/craft/biweekly of above Starla Hale  3rd-12th     Stacie Dillard  
  11:45 to 12:30 Choir-Stage Performance For CREDIT Cindy Alley 6th – 12th   Emily Hale  
  11:45 to 12:30 Show and Tell Gina Loomis k-6th     Regina Villaruz  

11:45 to 12:30
 Origami biweekly (may do Show and Tell on off weeks)  Marge Hofknecht  k-6th FULL   Gina Loomis  
11:45 to 12:30
Women’s book study cont. of Power of a Positive Mom Marina Owens moms      
  5th PERIOD            
  12:30-1 Coloring Fun Rebecca Wilson 2yrs-K      
  12:30-1:15 Hands on Science Fun McKinsey Shupe PreK-1st 10FULL Samantha Hendrix  
  12:30-1:15 State History Fun Jennifer Olsen 1st-3rd min 4 limit 12
Cori Dodson/Rene Mounts  
   12:30-1:15 Archeaology-Can You Dig It? Ralph Hofknecht 3rd-12th   8FULL    
  12:30-1:15 Knitting Cindy Alley 3rd-12th full   Elisa Hensley  
  12:30-1:15 Debate Anita Krismantis 5th-12th min. 4 limit 12 Brandy Masters  
  12:30-1:15 Home Ec-FOR CREDIT Brenda Puzinas 7th-12th  12 needed  
  12:30-1:15 Beginning Sewing Doris Murray 2nd-6th 8 Stacie Dillard  
Countries & Cultures
Carol Erickson  2nd-12th    needed  
   12:30-1:15  Origami biweekly of above          
  6th PERIOD            
  1:15-2 Play time/naptime Renee Dillon 2yrs-K   Mrs. Mersereau  
  1:15-2 Arts and Crafts Cori Dodson K-3rd FULL12     Brandy Masters  
  1:15-2 Clogging Elisa Hensley 3rd-12th 10        Anita Krismantis  
    1:15-2   P.E. and games   Annie Dagle   3rd-12th  20   needed  
    1:15-2   Human Video&Drama FOR CREDIT!!   Brenda Puzinas   7th-12th   12    
   1:15- 2   Beginning Sewing   Doris Murray   3rd-12th  8FULL  Stacie Dillard
  1:15- 2 Archeaology-Can You Dig It? Ralph Hofknecht 3rd-12th 8FULL Jennifer Olsen  
   2:00 on the 2nd Friday of each month  4-H  Tammy Matthews  4th-12th      

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One response to “Crossville HEARTS Co-op begins August 17th

  1. To sign up for the classes above, email Carol at with “attention: Carol” in the subject line.

    To be able to participate in classes, your family if at all possible, must join yahoogroups, as that is our main form of communication. To join, email me at See you soon!

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