Eager Educators Homeschool Co-op

The Eager Educators

Welcome to an academic co-op in Cumberland County. This co-op is striving to provide college bound students with academic classes to assist the students and their parents in preparation for their future. We hope to encourage one another with skilled mentors who can open our students’ minds to academic understanding.

We meet at Homestead United Methodist Church at the corner of Route 68 and Deep Draw Road in Crossville, Tennessee. Students must be accompanied by their parent when not in class. Breakfast should be eaten prior to arrival and lunch after departure. No food prior to 10 is permitted. Should your child need a snack, they may bring food from home to eat between 10-12:30, with permission from their teacher. Students must clean up after themselves. Closed containers for drinks are permitted anytime.

To sign up for classes, please contact each teacher individually. Registration and commitment for all courses are for a two-semester (full year) course schedule. Payments are non-refundable. Contact teachers individually for payment arrangements. All payments are paid directly to each individual teacher. We expect you to work out a payment schedule for your assigned part at the beginning of the semester if you do not choose to pay it all at once. Each teacher will keep track of who has paid.

The teachers are expected to either reschedule a cancelled class or refund the money to the parents. If your student is ill, the classes are not refunded. However, all attempts will be made to ensure the learning missed will be communicated for your student.

We expect each participating family who enters the building for any classes to give a $20 donation to Homestead United Methodist Church per semester for the impact of using the facility. This is given directly to the church from each family. The office is opened on Mondays from 9-1:45 and check donations can be made out to Homestead United Methodist Church and given to their church secretary, Jackie. If the office is not opened, you may slide your donation under the office door in an envelope with your name on it.

We expect each participating family to sign a waiver of liability for the church in the interest in “guarding” the facility against liability for the privilege of using the facility. We also expect if your student or yourself should accidentally damage the facility that you will provide the funds and assistance, working with the facility, to repair/replace anything needed.

To participate in the Eager Educators co-op at Homestead United Methodist Church, a waiver for the church must be signed by anyone entering the church building or property. Please click on the following link, read the document, print and sign it, and turn it in to the church with your donation. If you should have someone else pick up or drop off your child from classes, a waiver must also be turned in to the church by them.


The church would also like to request help once a month on the Monday before the 2nd Saturday of each month. A food delivery for their food pantry is delivered between 10-12 am. If you and your students are not in a class when the truck arrives and you are able to help with unloading, your service would be a great blessing to the church, who has graciously opened their home to us.

The Eager Educators Schedule

August                           7 Biology class begins
14 IEW, Grammar, Calculus, and History classes begin
21 Solar Eclipse –Roane State Community College (RSCC) – 12-3 (bring a lawn chair) Field Trip – Biology will not meet for class… Meet at 12 at RSCC. Biology class will add another class at the end of the semester to end on Dec. 4th. Register your family for the field trip at http://www.cbimakerspace.com/cbi/event/solar-eclipse-2017/
28 Art class begins
September                       4 OFF Labor Day
October                           2
9 OFF Fall Break – Calculus still meets
11 OFF
16 Please note* Cumberland County Schools are are off. We will still meet. – No calculus class
18 No calculus class
November                       1
22 OFF Thanksgiving
December                       4 Last Biology, IEW, and Grammar class
11 Last Calculus, Art, and History class


All Classes Meet (Mondays) – Note – Classes have slightly different schedules. Please see the notes above for those date differences.

The dates not highlighted are for biology and calculus classes only (Wednesdays).  

Calculus meets for 16 weeks and Art has 14 weeks. All other classes are 15 weeks.

In case of inclement weather, please contact your teacher directly and use your best judgment if classes are planning to meet, but you are unable to drive safely to classes.


American History

American History for 6th-12th grade course run by Sara Carey.

Scheduled for 15 classes in semester. Minimum of 5 students need.

Scheduled to Meet Mondays 10 to 11 (Meeting in the education wing – first classroom on the left)

Cost is $5 a class for drop in students or $3 for co-op participants.

Readings will come mainly from Exploring America (2007 edition) from the Notgrass Company.  The complete set should be purchased, including American Voices. Miss Sara has taught this curriculum in the past for 6th – 12th graders. There will be core readings/assignments required for this class for a high school credit. Other Core Books to purchase may be added.

Communicate with Sara thru mizsarahistory@gmail.com.

The American History IEW course offered by Kim Hines would be a great complement to this course.

Sara Carey has a B.A. in History for Secondary Education from Maryville College, Maryville, TN; an M.A. in History from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA; and an M.P.S. (Master of Pastoral Studies) in Parish Life and Administration from Loyola University, New Orleans, LA.  She has a teaching license for the state of Tennessee in Social Studies 7-12 and Government 7-12 (current through 2018).  She spent two years teaching for Helicon, an agency that provides education to youth in state custody.  After moving to Crossville, she taught Western Civilization and U.S. History at Roane State Community College for 8 years at their Cumberland County, Scott County, Oak Ridge, and Fentress County locations.  She has been the Director of Religious Education at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Crossville since 2000, working closely with children, youth, families, and adults in all areas of faith formation and education.



Art Class for 6th-12th grade taught by Paulette Swiger

Scheduled to meet Mondays 11:00-12:30 (Every Monday, beginning August 28th) – 14 classes (Meeting in the fellowship hall – no food permitted)

Class size is limited to 12 students. I would consider younger students (4th-5th grade) if the class does not reach full capacity. Minimum is 4 students.

Cost is $3 per class

I am charging a fee of $25 per student for art supplies so I can buy the needed supplies in bulk. This is an estimate for supplies for the year. It may vary slightly once actual supply cost is determined.

Class description: At present, I am looking at books to use for the class. We will be doing lots of hands on work. Each week will be a lesson and a project. Painting in various mediums, drawing, papier mache, textile art, collage. We will study several artists and styles, and explore prophetic art. Also, for older students who are interested, we will look at how to set up and keep a portfolio for later entry into college art classes or art school.

I am an aspiring artist, not professionally trained. I have taken several classes and have limited experience in several areas: watercolor, colored pencil, acrylics, ceramics, collage, papier mache, and textile art. I have attended Bible College and taught in a Bible school and local church settings for many years. My areas of study/ teaching were missions and cross-cultural experience, and First Principles. I spent ten years on the mission field.

Contact Paulette Swiger at indiaprs@yahoo.com. For a faster response, call or text 931-200-4800.



Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology run by Anita Krismanits.


Monday / Wednesday 11:00-12:30 (recommended for 10th graders – 8th-12th are welcome to join)

Will meet in the education wing (first room on the left)

This is a college-prep high school biology course that will include dissection as well as the methods and concepts of classification, biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, evolution, and ecosystems.

It is expected that the reading will be completed at home in preparation for each class. Labs will be completed in class as much as possible. Any testing will be completed at home. There will also be several required lab reports.

The following text will be used:

Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology 2nd edition

The solutions and test book is recommended

The notebook journal is optional

Cost is $3 a class with a materials fee of $10 for each semester

Dissection tools and specimens will be provided

Class maximum is 8

Communicate with Anita through alhkris@gmail.com.

Anita is a mom of 4 and is currently home schooling her youngest, Erin. Originally from Florida, she comes to Crossville by way of Colorado. She graduated with a BS in Biology with a Zoology specialization from the University of Cincinnati. She then completed an internship with the Cincinnati Zoo after which she was offered the opportunity to work in Embryo Transplant research with Dr. Betsy Dresser in a cooperative program between the Cincinnati Zoo and the University of Cincinnati.



Calculus with Craig Clark

Monday/Wednesday – 9:30-11:00 (Education wing – 2nd classroom on the left)

Cost is $5 a class for drop off and $4 for co-op families **Instructor grading of assignments and tests available for $1 per week per student. ** Student minimum class size is 4.

Required text: Calculus, Math U See Calculus

Prerequisites: Alg. 2, Geometry and Trigonometry

Students will need Student Text and Test Booklet. Parents will need the Instructional Book that provides answers to problems in assignments and tests. The DVD will be shown in class, but is not available for loan to students.

Additional resources required: Scientific Calculator with square root, trigonometric, logarithm and natural log functions, 4×4 graph paper, compass, protractor and ruler

Communicate with Craig thru mathcoach.dad@gmail.com.

Raised in northeast Missouri, Craig attended and graduated from University of Missouri-Rolla with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering in 1982. He then pursued a 26-year career as a professional civil engineer with the Texas Dept. of Transportation, retiring as district engineer in Corpus Christi, TX in 2008. His work involved design, construction, maintenance and operations of roads and bridges in several regions of the state as well as coordinating innovative work with university researchers and trade organizations. Since 2008, he has partnered with his wife, Linda, to provide a Christ centered home education for their kids in all subjects through grade 12. Craig taught math using Math-U-See through Calculus, supplementing Algebra and Geometry with Teaching Textbook. He taught science using Apologia including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Craig is looking forward to sharing his math and science knowledge and practical experience with future generations.



Grammar – 6th-12th grade with Jennifer Olsen (Fellowship Hall – downstairs by church office)

Scheduled for Mondays 9:30 to 10

Free for IEW students

This class will be a time for reviewing grammar errors made in the students’ IEW essays. As time allows, common grammar mistakes will also be covered. No additional book purchase is needed. The IEW book and Student Resource Notebook may be utilized as needed. The student essays from grammar will not be graded and this will still be the responsibility of parents, however Jennifer will provide tips for grammar based on their essays.

Communicate with Jennifer at crownofbeauty1981@hotmail.com.

The Olsen family began the homeschool journey in December of 2007. Jennifer has 3 classes remaining before she receives her bachelor’s degree in elementary education through Liberty University. The last class she took was an APA writing class. Jennifer currently homeschools her 3 youngest children (12th, 9th, and 8th grades as of the fall of 2017) and graduated her oldest from homeschooling in May of 2017. She has taught a variety of classes in homeschool co-op settings, including a history class and a Latin class with the Eager Educators.



IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) American History writing class with Kim Hines (6th-12th grade).

In Fellowship Hall – Downstairs by church office

We will meet Mondays from 8-9:30. This is a year-long class. The cost PER SEMESTER is $3.00/class for members – $5.00/class for drop off students. The workbook is required and can be purchased here: http://www.iew.com/…/us-history-based-writing-lessons-stude…

The Student Resource Notebook is also required, but is free if you purchase the workbook from this site. You will have to print it out.

Students will develop their skill with the Structure and Style Writing Method while learning about interesting, important people and events in U.S. history from the explorers to the twentieth century. This class is geared for 6th to 8th grades, but if your high schooler has trouble with structure in their writing, this would be of excellent value. The American History class would be a nice complement to this class.

Communicate with Kim at ateatoremember@yahoo.com.

Kim Hines has been homeschooling for 8 years. She has been involved with IEW for 2 years and has been trained by IEW to teach the writing classes. She resides in Lake Tansi with her husband, Gene, and her two children, Ben and Grace.


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